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We would like to thank everyone who attended Tacos y Tequila Pa' La Tierra and 

contributed to the Tierra Amarilla Youth Leadership Institute.


A special thanks to

Adelitas Cocina y Cantina for providing the tacos and

Suerte for providing the tequila.


Al Frente de Lucha invites you to enjoy tacos provided by Adelitas Cocina y Cantina and tequila provided by Suerte with all proceeds going to benefit the Tierra Amarilla Youth Leadership Institute. A week long intensive summer camp focused on teaching the importance of education and activism through a balance of study and work. The camp provides youth with classes in history, social theory and critical thinking while also showing the importance of work and a connection with the land and defending it's resources.

This program instills values and skills that alumni utilize in their respective communities with the confidence to become leaders for social and environmental justice and change.

Join fellow activists, organizers and concerned community members in helping to support the future of the resistance.

Al Frente de Lucha - Greeley, Colorado

Al Frente de Lucha is ​an anti-colonial organization dedicated to the struggle for the self-determination and liberation of all oppressed people

Mission Statement

'"IF you would be a stone...

then be the most beautiful and precious of gems -

IF you would be a bird...

then, by all means, be the white dove -

But---IF you would be a human being...

then, you must be a revolutionary.

-unknown, VietNam

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All proceeds go to the legal costs to save the Tierra Amarilla Youth Leadership Institute


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Tierra Amarilla Vive

La Lucha Sigue

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